As the UI/UX designer tasked with the redesign of www.enedu.pl, I'm excited to present our approach to improving the user experience and visual appeal of the website. Our focus is on creating a clean, user-friendly design that effectively communicates the educational offerings and encourages user engagement.

UI /UX improvements :

  1. Hero Section: A dynamic hero banner with high-quality images and a concise tagline that communicates the core values and benefits of Enedu.
  2. Featured Courses: A prominent section highlighting a selection of flagship courses, each accompanied by a captivating image, brief description, and "Learn More" button.
  3. Testimonials: Real student testimonials in a visually appealing carousel format to build credibility and establish trust.
  4. Clear Navigation: A streamlined and intuitive navigation menu that leads users to essential sections.
  5. Course Overview: A comprehensive course overview with a brief description, objectives, purchase, meeting calendar.
  6. Curriculum and Modules: A structured breakdown of the course curriculum with each module's description, resources, and any related materials.
  7. Instructors: Profiles of the course instructors with their qualifications and expertise.
  8. School Listings: A grid-based layout with school logos, brief descriptions, and direct links to each school's dedicated page.
  9. School Details: On each school's dedicated page, detailed information about the institution, its mission, programs, and achievements.
  10. Partnerships: Highlight collaborations and partnerships with schools to showcase credibility and industry connections.
  11. Filter Options: A range of filters such as course type, duration, location, and more for users to refine their search.
  12. Course Cards: Clear and consistent course cards featuring course name, image, short description, and "Learn More" button.

What we've done

  1. Home page; in-house course view, online course view, schools view,
  2. UI/UX improvements
  3. UI components
  4. Mobile and desktop version
  5. Typography in logo

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