Cateringo CRM


Innovative and user-friendly CRM platform dedicated to diet catering companies. Catering will empower businesses to set menus, diets, manage customers, orders, and settings, while efficiently defining delivery zones. Our focus is on creating an intuitive and visually appealing user interface that enhances the user experience and streamlines the workflow for both businesses and their customers.

UI and UX enhancements:

1. Intuitive Menu Management:

  • Design a menu management system that allows users to easily create and edit menus with visually appealing displays of dishes.
  • Ensure a user-friendly interface for adding new menu items, pricing, and nutritional information.

2. Diet Customization:

  • Create a user-friendly diet customization feature that guides customers through selecting their dietary preferences with clarity and ease.
  • Implement an intuitive design for managing and updating diet options based on user feedback and dietary trends.

3. Customer Relationship Management:

  • Design a customer management interface that enables businesses to access customer profiles, preferences, and order history efficiently.
  • Implement a user-centric approach to customer communication and engagement, including feedback and personalized offers.

4. Order Management:

  • Develop a visually streamlined order management system that simplifies the order process, from placement to tracking and delivery.
  • Ensure clarity in order status, payment processing, and reporting, enhancing user confidence and satisfaction.

5. General Settings:

  • Create a user-friendly dashboard for customizing general settings, such as branding, color themes, and communication preferences.
  • Provide a seamless and responsive design for configuring payment gateways, delivery schedules, and customer notifications.

6. Delivery Zones:

  • Design a map-based interface to define and manage delivery zones, ensuring businesses can optimize delivery routes and costs.
  • Implement interactive elements for setting specific geographic regions and zones, enhancing user control and visibility.

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