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A well-designed label can have a significant impact on the development of a beer brand. It testifies to the quality of the product and is the first thing that the consumer sees on the store shelf. A simple and elegant composition, vivid colors and a large sigil in the center of the label, strengthen the brand image and add uniqueness, which in turn translates into greater interest in the product and its choice. Consequently, a well-designed label increases sales.

We opted for simple, geometric shapes that combined with a limited color palette and one strong accent strong accent create a unique look that distinguishes the product on the shelf.  

The whole is consistent and organized, making the message is easier to understand for the potential consumer. Elements such as the logo, product name, composition and nutritive information are placed in the right hierarchy and in the right place on the label.

All of this increases the noticeability of the product on the store shelf and attracts the attention of potential consumers.

Why were we inspired by Bauhaus?

The Bauhaus style is known for its simplicity and elegance. In designing visual elements, it emphasizes minimalist and harmonized shapes, bright and simple colors, and geometric forms. This combination creates aesthetic
and stylish solutions that are appealing to the eye. In the beer industry, a minimalist style can help build a positive and lasting brand image, as well as attract the attention and interest of consumers.

The Bauhaus-style label is timeless and will look good regardless of current trends.

What we cared about

We emphasize minimalism, which allows for a clear and clear presentation of information on the label, which is important for consumers who quickly need to identify the product. The Bauhaus style is associated with elegance and good taste, which can further influence the brand's image and bring it into a new, more prestigious market segment.

Not only labels

Dedicated accessories such as sweatshirts, glasses, T-shirts and other brand-related products complement and enhance the overall design. These additional elements allow you to further showcase your brand's visual identity and stand out from other manufacturers. The use of consistent aesthetics on all elements related to the related to the brand helps build a positive brand image.

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